Specifications LTX-5510 Transmitter and Receiver
The LTX-5510 "Signal Transporter" Converter pair is designed to transmit analog and digital signals to a remote location via fiber optic cable. This product digitizes the input signals at 50 Ms/s to 12-bit precision, transmits the results over a 1.0 Gb/s fiber link and reconstructs the signal at the far end. The primary applications are those situations in which the signal of interest has a high common mode voltage with respect to the measurement equipment. These applications include plasma physics experiments, EMC test chambers, power transmission equipment, and high power laser equipment.
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LTX55XX Comparison
LTX55 series

Key Benefits

  • Two Voltage Input Ranges
  • Transmits DC to 12.5 MHz with 0.1% accuracy
  • Analog data has 12 Bit Precision
  • Four independent digital channels, @ DC to 12 MHz switching rates
  • Two Impedance Settings
  • Transmits without conducting EM

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