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The TTI FTE-7000 OTDR is fast, easy to use, affordable and rugged. It has a short dead zone, bright 4” color display and with an onboard context sensitive help system the OTDR has a minimal learning curve for all users. The 1/2 second trace updates and great dynamic range make this unit perfect for maintenance and trouble shooting. Just use the Auto Test button to get started. The standard models of the FTE-7000 are single or dual wavelength MM and SM. However, the FTE7000 is flexible to meet many needs of the industry. The TTI FTE-7000 weighs in at less then 2.0 pounds with a water resistant enclosure, this OTDR is great for all conditions. The rubber boot with bail will add protection and provides the ideal angle for viewing the display while operating on a work bench. The OTDR’s dynamic Range and a 2 meter dead zone, makes it ideal for links up to 240km as well as being perfect for short LAN links within the facility. FTE7000
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Key Features
  • Integrated LTS
  • 32 dB Dynamic Range
  • Instant On
  • Fast Real time
  • Event Table with Pass/Fail Feature
  • Short Dead Zone
  • Available in Single and Dual Wavelength
  • One Button Testing
  • Integrated Loss Test Set
  • Trace Overlay Capability
  • Onboard Memory for 1000 traces
  • Visible Fault Locator
  • USB/PC Interface
  • On-Screen Tutorials
  • Light Weight Rugged Enclosure
  • Easy To Read Color Display
  • Telcordia SR4731 Compatible Software
Bright 4" color display with selectable color schemes Examining the trace on this bright sunlight readable color display is easy using the straight forward zoom feature, A/B cursor selection button and variable speed directional buttons. Move to an event and zoom in quickly with the Select and Zoom buttons while in trace view. FTE-7500 screen shot
Press Select on an event in the event table and jump to that event in the Trace Trace analysis is easy with an onboard event analysis table. Set the A to B loss, splice loss, ORL and Link thresholds to get quick Pass/Fail reporting. Press the Select button on a highlighted event to get a view of that event in trace view. FTE-7500 Trace Analysis
Store up to 1000 traces or 10,000 loss meASUREMENTS

Download stored traces and loss measurements to your computer via USB/PC. For quick operation, establish a base file name and store traces quickly with that naming convention using the quick store function.

FTE-7500 File Managment
Use the supplied software to analyze traces and print reports TTI has developed the SoftCert Software which works with all of our test equipment that require report generation. This means users of our equipment only have to learn one software package to be able to generate all the necessary reports resulting in less training time and maximum production.The software also works as a recorder for the Loss Test Set graphing function. OTDR Software image
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