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Optical Power Meter and Light Source

LTS1500 PM and LS

The 1500 Series Power Meters and Light Sources are indispensable tools for fiber installation and maintenance.  The Power Meter measures optical power and when paired with the LS-1500 Series Light Sources it will perform automatic loss measurements with wavelength recognition for up to three laser wavelengths. Pressing the store loss button records all three measurements for later downloading and analysis via its USB port.  It stores up to 2000 triple wavelength loss measurements. The LTS-1500 Power Meter greatly simplifies and expedites measurements of fiber optic links.  It incorporates  a highly sensitive and stable InGaAs detector with six calibrated wavelengths that afford the user a measurement range of +5 to -75 dBm.  A high Powered version is available for CATV applications.   All power meters and lights sources are equipped with universal adapters and are shipped with FC, ST and SC fittings.  They are powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and in a pinch can be powered by a standard 9V alkaline.  The universal power adapter/Charge is supplied with four interchangeable plugs.


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Key Benefits
  • Automated loss measurements for three wavelengths
  • Auto Wavelength Recognition
  • Universal Power Meter and Light Source adapters FC/ST and SC
  • Power Meter with 80 dB dynamic Range
  • Stable single port triple wavelength laser source
  • Storage for 200 triple wavelength loss measurements
  • Rechargeable Li polymer 9V battery
  • USB interface with free PC application software

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